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Utah Valley University (UVU) and the Kyrgyz National Centre for Development of Mountain Regions have established, with the support from the Mountain Partnership in Rome Italy, a conference Women of the Mountains to address issues critical to women and children of the mountainous nations. These nations are often impoverished and underdeveloped; their women and children suffer disproportionately from the existing conditions.

In addition to providing forum to promote gender agenda both in the Rocky Mountains and globally, three Women of the Mountains conferences, hosted since 2007, helped to advocate sustainable mountain agenda in general and raise awareness about urgent needs and challenges faced by mountain communities both in the region and globally.

The Orem Declaration of Mountain Women, final document of the first Women of the Mountains conference hosted in Orem, UT in 2007 serves for us as a vehicle for implementations different aspects of SMD and gender agenda both in the region and globally (see: LINK).

Conference contribution to the promotion of Gender and Sustainable Mountain Development agendas was recognized in the number of documents of the United Nations (see: 2007 Report, p.12. 2009 Report, p.44. 2012 Report. 2013 Report, p.29)


Our next event:

2015 Women of the Mountains Conference


Latest Women of the Mountains newsletter - August 27, 2015

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Fourth International Women of the Mountains Conference 2015

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