10th Anniversary of the establishment of International Mountain Day by the United Nations

4th International Mountain Day Celebration at UVU

Impossible Dreams

"Mountains - Key to a Sustainable Future"

Our goal for this gathering is to contribute to the main mission of the Mountain Partnership and to continue to raise awareness in the State of Utah and in the Rocky Mountains region about the need for them to advocate for including the mountain cause to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in 2015 when Millennium Development Goals will expire.

As a part of the International Mountain Day celebrations, we plan to host a number of events featuring the contribution of the prominent scholar late Dr. Jane Pratt. She was one of the first advocates of the sustainable mountain development (SMD) agenda in North America and globally. We plan to discuss how mountain communities in North America can continue the traditions established by Jane and her colleagues at the Mountain Institute to promote SMD through a regional approach.

We also appreciate a kind support to UVU from VERTEX to help establish further a great tradition to gather all members of the Mountain Partnership from North America for the International Mountain Day celebration in one of the hosting institutions-members of MP.

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