Group Photo, March 8th 2011

Goals of the 2011 Women of the Mountains International Conference

  • To continue the coordinated efforts begun at the first Women of the Mountains International Conference (Orem, 2007), as expressed in the Orem Declaration of Mountain Women;
  • To share knowledge about the global status of mountain women, with a strong focus on women in leadership roles around the world working to advance sustainable development in various sectors of activity;
  • To mobilize the Rocky Mountain members of the Mountain Partnership and grass-roots level entities, including high-schools and universities to work together toward specific goals to improve the status of women and increase opportunities for leadership;
  • To provide recommendations for the Mountain Partnership and Mountain Forum members around the world regarding actions to improve the status of women and to increase opportunities for leadership over the next two years.
  • To encourage the next generation to support gender issues and sustainable mountain development (note: high-school and college students throughout state of Utah will participate in all stages of this Conference).

The Mountain Partnership is one of the co-sponsors of this event.

CONFERENCE PROGRAM PDF Conference Background Conference Program - 8th March
Participant Short Bios Conference Venue Conference Program - 9th March
Organizing Committee Students Advocacy Student Workshop
In the Press Post Conference Meeting Student Organizing Committee


Letters and Greetings
Letter from the Honourable Michelle Bachelet Letter from Dr. Husn Banu Ghazanfar, Minister of Woman Affairs of Afganistan
Letter from Utah Governor Gary Herbert Letter from Senator Orin Hatch
Letter from Eni F.H Falemavaega Member of Congress Letter from IUK
Letter from Ralph Becker Mayor Salt Lake City Letter from Leo A. Giacometto GAGE International
Letter from Open World Leadership Center Letter from Elena Bonner
Letter from Richard Portwood Student Body President  
Major Contributors and Sponsors